vampa - Self-adjusting and movable bed base Vampa.

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vampa CE medical device
international patent

The weightlessness, the incomparable comfort that comes from a feeling of lightness, the inconsistency of the body at the time of the dream. The ZeroGravity emotion materializes in Vampa, a completely innovative sleeping system, created to revolutionize the way you sleep.

The shape of the slats closes like a bridge to give life to a self-regulating resting surface that is modeled under the spine, embracing its curves to guarantee unique comfort. The ergonomics concept marries a patented design, the benefits of which have been confirmed following clinical tests conducted by the Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Technologies of the Bicocca University of Milan at the Policlinico of Monza.

Maximum quality, maximum comfort. Let yourself go to sleep and let yourself be transported to a dimension without gravity.

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