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There are people who think sleeping is the easiest thing in the world. They don't even ask themselves if the bed they are buying is really the most suitable for resting. Maybe they pay attention to the shape of the bed, to the style, the colour. The aesthetics.

Since the beginning we think instead about the heart of the problem and we offer more reasons to make a better choice for your bed: the comfort, obtained through the bed bases Essedue made to ensure maximum ergonomics, with scientifically tested benefits in terms of health and the wellbeing of our body; a contemporary design with bed frame, feet, headboards, finishes, new coordinated complements which constitute a complete furniture; foldable beds which always guarantee, thanks to their eclectic and versatile use, guarantee always a higher quality of sleeping, solving in a practical and functional way the management of space. Those who buy this kind of double and single beds don't settle for an empty shape, but they choose a core of technology at the service of wellness.